Host family requirements

Au pair in Spain host families must meet these requiring.

  1. Be willing to fully welcome the au pair into their home as a member of the family and not as a maid or domestic servant
  2. Submit completed application form along with all required documents
  3. Be open minded and flexible with a strong commitment to helping the au pair adjust to the Spanish way of life and culture
  4. Be interviewed by an au pair in Spain representative
  5. Provide the au pair with a suitable private bedroom and full board (three meals a day) 7 days a week. The host family is not required to cook for the au pairs should they wish to cook for themselves
  6. Be willing to help the au pair in learning both the Spanish language as well as the culture. Also make opportunity for the au pair to go to language school on a regular basis
  7. Be fluent in the Spanish language (castellano) and the primary language spoken in the home must be Spanish (castellano)
  8. Sign an agreement with the au pair on their arrival defining the rights and obligations of both parties. Amongst other topics, the agreement must include:
  • Agreement of weekly allowance, based on the program option selections (Basic, Mother help, Demi…)
  • Limit the au pair’s working hours based on the program option selected
  • Care insurance coverage for the au pair if she will be required to drive the family’s car(s). Also, the au pair will need to be listed as a driver on the insurance policy for fully protection
  • At least one day and a half free time over the weekend based on the program option selected
  • For each 6 months exchange term, one week of paid vacation and 2 weeks for 12 months. This in addition to regular weekly time off
  • Provide au pair with the rules of the house (E.g. use of phones or other times/facilities in the home), any visitors at day/night, curfew and smoking. Clear explanations of how best to relate to each child in the home, and daily/weekly routines
  • Each host family should make allowance for their au pair to adjust to their new surroundings and childcare responsibilities. It often takes at least 3 weeks to become familiar with a new setting/circumstance
  • If problems reach the point where no solution can be found or agreed upon, a notice of 2 weeks will be necessary

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