Coming to Spain as an au pair


An au pair placement is a cultural exchange programme and not at all an employment contract. During your stay, you are considered as a member of the family.

Placement in Spain
We place young au pairs from different countries, mainly in Madrid.
Madrid is reputed for its warm, friendly people and has a high student population. It has a rich industrial past, particularly in the textile trade, and has an important place in the Spanish economy. It is also at the forefront of new technologies. Culture too is high on the agenda.

Your commitments

During your stay, you commit yourself to :

  • 30-40 hours of work a week*,
  • look after the children (2-12 years) at home, including mealtimes, naps, bathtime, playtime, etc,
  • take the children to school and their outside activities (music, sports, leisure..),
  • baby-sit two evenings a week,
  • help with the daily running of the home and simple household chores,
  • pay your own travel expenses as far as the nearest railway station or airport,
  • pay your own language course fees (about 10 h a week)

Facilities provided

In return, the host family undertakes to:

  • provide you with a private bedroom with bathroom (if no private bathroom you will share the children’s bathroom),
  • provide all meals,
  • give you between 80 and 100 € pocket money per week, payable at the end of each week,
  • provide you with a car, if this is convenient.
Sometimes the host family can offer you some perks such as contributing to the language course fees, paying for a bus or rail pass, etc.

Free time

To give you time to study and visit Spain, your host family has to allow you :

one or two days off a week, if possible at the weekend, with at least one Sunday a month for worship,
enough free time for your Spanish lessons and leisure pursuits,
one week paid holiday after 6 continuous months with the family.

Our solution

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